Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Eye Candy Wednesday - Rainbow Wedding.

Ever since I started in the wedding industry, I've yet to meet a bride who is bold enough to go with the rainbow themed wedding. Which in all honesty can seem daunting and overwhelming when first presented with the design scape. But if brides are going into color choices of bright orange and fire engine red color pallette, why not go the extra mile and add more jewel tone colors like emerald green, sapphire blue, bright reds and yellow. It would be something to behold if put together nicely ( I know i'm itching to design one, lol). So for eye candy wednesday i've put up some pictures which will hopefully inspire somone to take that bold step. Have a blessed Day!

Love the jeweled tone saris.

Love the fact that the cake is white but the colorful butterflies set the tone.

Fell in love with the bridesmaid dresses the day I watched the movie.

Bouquets are another colorful option.


  1. Nice blog, me like. Well a rainbow themed wedding is one that is hard to pull off, people are scared to take risk. I watched a rainbow themed wedding on Sunday, My fair weddings with David Tutera and he did an amazing job. I guess it all depends on how well planned everything is, nice blog, will be back.

  2. Tnx yankeenaijababe, I saw that show too and if it is put together well it can come out really nice.